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04-Aug-2016 06:47

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The slave trade, outlawed by legislation introduced in March 1807, saw people from Africa transported en masse to the Americas with the involvement of people from the UK and other European countries.

Women rescued Modern day victims of slavery are often young women from eastern Europe, thinking they are coming to England to work as cleaners or au pairs, only to be forced into prostitution.

Child protection organisations and human rights groups also believe there are thousands of child sex slaves in the UK.

The UK Human Trafficking Centre was opened last year to co-ordinate the law-enforcement approach to the problem.

In the next few weeks it is to lay out a strategy to counter the problem.

A Home Office spokesman said: "Human trafficking is a particularly horrible crime, based on deceit, exploitation and very often brutality.

The trade was one of the findings of a BBC News website investigation into slavery in 21st Century England.

As the UK marks 200 years since the Parliamentary Act to abolish the slave trade, slavery goes on in another form.

They are among the thousands of women brought into the UK to be sex slaves, usually with no idea of their fate.Human trafficking (infringement that is regulated and incriminated by the current Penal Code in the Special Part, Title I – Infringements against the person, Chapter VII – The trafficking and the exploitation of the vulnerable persons, article 210) represents one of the modern forms of slavery, together with work exploitation and the traffic of organs.Due to the abolishing of slavery and the incrimination of its practices, this form of human denigration has continued to exist against all forms of rebutment.Jiera, a 19-year-old from Lithuania who was helped by the Poppy Project, thought she was coming to London on holiday with friends, only to find they were people traffickers who sold her into prostitution.

She said: "When I was with clients I tried to pretend I was doing something else, but I couldn't.It made me so angry that I was often violent towards the clients.