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(For the exact meaning of this canon see Hefele, Hist.

des Counciles, tr., Leclercq, Paris, 1908, II, 24-27.) Fuller details are given in Fischer, "De patriarcharum Constantinopolitanorum" catalogis (Leipzig, 1894); Schermann, "Prophetenund Apostellegenden nebst Jüngerkatalogen des Dorotheus und verwandter Texte" (Leipzig, 1907); Vailhé, "Origines de l'Eglise de Constantinople" in "Echos d'Orient" (Paris, 1907), 287-295.

In the long war between Constantine and Licinius (314-323) it embraced the fortunes of the latter, but, after his defeat at Chrysopolis (Scutari), submitted to the victor.

It has quite lately been established that Byzantium received its new name of Constantinople as early as the end of 324 (Centénaire de la société nationale des antiquaires de France, Paris, 1904, p. Nevertheless, the solemn inauguration of the new city did not occur until 11 May, 330; only after this date did the Court and Government settle permanently in the new capital.

About 190, an Antitrinitarian heretic, Theodotus the Currier, a native of Byzantium, was expelled from the Roman Church ("Phiosophoumena, VIII, xxxv; St. In the fifth century we meet with a spurious document attributed to a certain Dorotheus, Bishop of Tyre at the end of the third century, according to which the Church of Byzantium was founded by the Apostle St.

Andrew, its first bishop being his disciple Stachys (cf. The intention of the forger is plain: in this way the Church of Rome is made inferior to that of Constantinople, St.

(Greek Konstantinoupolis ; city of Constantine) Capital, formerly of the Byzantine, now of the Ottoman, Empire.

iii) gave the Bishop of Constantinople the first place after the Bishop of Rome .

Beyond, on the European shore of the Bosporus are the large palaces of Dolma-Baghtché and Tcheragan, also the Yildiz Kiosk, the residence of the reigning sultan. The chief of the Megarian expedition was Byzas, after whom the city was naturally called Byzantion (Lat. Despite its perfect situation, the colony did not prosper at first; it suffered much during the Medic wars, chiefly from the satraps of Darius and Xerxes. It succeeded in maintaining its independence even against victorious Rome, was granted the title and rights of an allied city, and its ambassadors were accorded at Rome the same honours as those given to allied kings; it enjoyed, moreover, all transit duties on the Bosporus.

On the Asiatic shore are the palace of Beylerbey, many beautiful mosques, and the great Mussulman cemetery at Scutari, the Selimieh barracks (largest in the world), the magnificent new school of medicine, quite close to which is the little port of Haïdar-Pasha, whence starts the railway line to Bagdad. Later on, its control was disputed by Lacedæmonians and Athenians; for two years (341-339 B. Cicero defended it in the Roman Senate, and put an end to the exactions of Piso.

Andrew having been chosen an Apostle by Jesus before his brother St. The first historically known Bishop of Byzantium is St.

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Metrophanes (306-314), though the see had perhaps been occupied during the third century.

Traces of Christianity do not appear here before the end of the second or the beginning of the third century.

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