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When she didn't have any Roman men around to seduce, she'd find ways to entertain herself.

Rumor has it she filled a box with bees and used it as a vibrator. Egyptian gods and goddesses often took the shape of animals, so the Egyptians really didn't have much of a problem with having sex with just about anything with four legs. There were apparently masters of the act who figured out how to not get eaten in the process.

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Still, it wasn't like the streets of Egypt were overflowing with men and women having sex with the corpses of animals.

They actually had some strict rules about things like adultery and used early forms of birth control.

Men often had sex with cows, while women got down with dogs. Luckily, the practice was frowned upon, and if someone was discovered using the corpses for carnal purposes, they were "denounced." There are also claims that some men kept the bodies of their wives in their bedrooms for a few days before they were embalmed, which... Let's hope they only used that last one if they were really desperate. When the Romans came around, Cleopatra had an illegitimate son with Julius Caesar.Later, she hooked up with Mark Antony, which ended up costing her life.If you thought the Romans and Greeks were liberal when it came to sex, prepare to be shocked.

Sex in ancient Egypt had almost no limits, but that doesn't mean they did everything they could think of.

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