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21-Sep-2016 00:47

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We’re not in a sexual relationship and both have agreed to wait until I turn 18 to decide if we will have a sexual relationship or not. But the problem is we want to be boyfriend and girlfriend.I know the law and I know this is probably frowned upon.“If parents know what the law is, at least they’ve got that leg to stand on,” said Nguyen.

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Notice that all of the penalties would be directed at him and not you.

“We have ninth graders who go to school with seniors, and they’re intermingling.

We’re not trying to stop that — it’s when they take it one step further.”So how do these instances make it from the private corners of teenagers’ lives to the desks of law enforcement officers?

Emotional damage aside, there are a lot of illegal things happening there, starting with the teenage girl.“She could possibly get charged with distributing it,” said Miller, who says the way the law is currently written, even though it is a picture of herself, it is still child pornography and she is still distributing it.“And the boyfriend would not only be in possession of child pornography, but if he sends it out to his friends, he would then also be distributing it,” said Miller, who goes on to say that the friends who receive it could potentially also be charged with possession of child pornography if it’s found on their devices.

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Warning Local law enforcement officials know that for every one case of teens illegally “dating” that gets to them, there are exponentially more they won’t see.“But we’re getting into the prom season, and we just want people to be aware because there are a lot of potential issues there,” said Glander, “You could have a 10th grader who isn’t 16 yet dating a senior who is 17 or 18.We just want to protect everybody involved.”Glander and Nguyen say when teens and parents are investigated for these issues, they are typically shocked and don’t understand what the law is.

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