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Workers hear noises at night and sometimes lights come off and on.Spirit does not like to be around when there are many people but late during the night you get a strange feeling of heaviness and even hairs sticking up on your arms.

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In the early 1900s Grace Brown was drowned by her fiance, Chester Gilette. Reports say that they have tried to pull the string on a light and they feel a cold hand, see her drowning, or see apparitions at the lake..In the basement there is an elevator that leads to the sub-basement.The sub-basement goes down another four floors and is nicknamed "the dungeon".Many people have seen him out of the corner of their eye, but as soon as you turn your head to look at him he's gone again.

He's also scared a few people enough to never want to go down there alone or again but he has never harmed anyone.Many students have claimed to seen this ghostly specter all year round endlessly walking the halls.