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In a perfect world, I’d go for something like this……but my hair has neither the volume or texture to achieve this look without a lot of “product” and a stylist to follow me around all day and fluff it back up.

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Press ‘Enter’ then select ‘Add Sources’ and press ‘Enter.’ Now browse to your Movies folder and select it.These are the steps to setup library on your Kodi application, and this procedure is similar for all the other video addons.Now, go back to your homepage and click Movies to watch your added library Videos.EDIT- Currently having commishions of these awesome boxes~Note or comment me if intressted.

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Ruko pic: Rough sketch by: ~mugimeshi Colouring by: Mill Character by: [email protected] and Long Sleeper."Box" was ripped of Luka's box, which was made by KEI GAROU.Which haircuts and hair colours will be taking over salons across the UK next year?

Mr Mei told Mail Online: 'Chinese people couldn't believe a guy as ugly and academically unsuccessful as me could have a gorgeous wife like that.' He has set up a dating agency to help bachelors from the Far East look for East European wives through speed-dating events The businessman's daily posts about his wife and their daughter, Alice Mei, have made him some sort of a celebrity.… continue reading »

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Theron, 41, also adopted a baby girl named August in 2015. Social media users are outraged that celebrities like Theron are attempting to emasculate their black sons.… continue reading »

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Based on earlier research, we hypothesised that the association between high job strain and total mortality was more pronounced among the white-collar employees because of overall differences in the work.… continue reading »

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Try sending off a “can’t wait to hear your voice tonight,” to leave them wanting more.… continue reading »

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Why: First, it's a blast from the past in the What to play: Hearts Are Wild, for example, is a love adventure game for two players; it comes with a game board, card decks, cinnamon massage oil, a blindfold, and a feather tickler.… continue reading »

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