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”This show deals with what it means to be family,” Berlanti says. ”I don’t think there’s anybody who wouldn’t want to see the Walkers deal with a big problem,” he says. diehards know, Harper is played by Olin’s real-life wife, Patricia Wettig.) Acting opposite her 53-year-old boss is ”scary,” admits Emily Van Camp, but it sure seems to fire up the female fans.

”We try to do things that make people’s emotions conflicted…. Was the intention all along for Rebecca to be part of this family? ”My mom literally has a crush on him, so when she comes to the set, she starts getting red,” laughs Dave Annable.

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“I actually just asked her, ‘Wait, how do we do this?

”I met her an hour before our first scene in hair and makeup…,” begins Annable.

”We really didn’t know each other…,” interrupts Van Camp.

For Annable, 28, and Van Camp, 21, the twist can’t come soon enough.

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”I’m all for breaking boundaries, but we didn’t need to get into incest,” she said, while taking a break from shooting on the Disney lot in Burbank. ” added Annable, who joined Van Camp in the studio dining room.Problem was, here the two were supposed to play like family — not love interests. ”Here were two young people who didn’t grow up with each other, didn’t know each other, but they had this electricity. When the ABC drama returns April 20, Berlanti will tackle their attraction head-on when Rebecca starts to question whether she’s really a Walker, the clan at the center of .