How to tell your friend they are dating a loser

25-Jun-2016 04:12

how to tell your friend they are dating a loser-36

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In a healthy relationship, the power dynamic shifts back and forth between vulnerable and dominant.

But when dating a douche, you often feel manipulated, which can render you weak and creates a self-destructive pattern.

He will exploit your weakness of loving him, and because you keep coming back for more, he never has to change. One big challenge in this situation is accepting that your friend is not an innocent in this equation.

She is allowing herself to be undervalued, and here is where the paradox lies: she knows she is dating a douche, but something about that person is hard to let go of.

If you come off as overly judgmental, you might lose her forever to the tentacles of her demon lover.Women put their blinders on when it comes to men and shut out their friends’ comments and concerns…Unfortunately, most women feel that they shouldn’t speak up. If you saw your daughter trapped in a speeding car headed for a cliff, would you stand by and watch, hoping and praying things would work out for her? Whether you are a friend or a relative, here are your options: Option 1: Don’t say anything.They’ve been burned when they tried to help before, and they don’t want to get burned again. Result: You now have a not-so-real friendship because you have to pretend to be supportive of her choice in a husband.Of course it is important to be honest, but you are not dealing with a rational person.

It is wise to hold in any irrevocable bashing of her beloved like a fart in an elevator. The best tactic is to repeat the insanity she tells you with a sincere non-ironic tone.By Mary Cope We’ve all been there, your friend has been dating a guy and they are becoming serious. You can’t quite put your finger on why you feel the way you do so you decide to give it more time. It’s inevitable once you meet him that your friend is going to look at you wide-eyed and ask, “Well, what do you think of him?

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