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19-Jun-2016 11:01

When you study these chat transcripts, you can observe the areas where users are facing major challenges.

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You get to know their strong and weak areas, and based on that, you can give them feedback to improve upon as well as establish best practices that need to be followed by other agents too.But qualitative data is equally crucial despite being not as easily measurable as its counterpart.It is instrumental in helping you better understand what the customers want and feel about the website during their journey through the sales funnel.They let you know the common problems and doubts faced by a majority of your users that stop them from spending their money on your website.

Analyzing these problems and taking corrective actions would significantly make your website more user-friendly and would ultimately lead to a higher conversion rate.But, you still feel that your conversion rates and sales numbers have not increased to the level that you expected at an initial stage.