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23-Apr-2016 13:24

She was photographed constantly and sat front row at fashion shows—at a time when sitting front row was just starting to be a thing done by celebrities and not just editors and buyers.

In 2007, Mortimer became a beauty ambassador for Dior, and they released a pink lip gloss named after her.

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Before it all went south, Mortimer was a darling of New York society.

"When Tinsley first appeared on the scene and was married to Topper, she was very prominent and she always wore amazing dresses and was invited to all the major social galas," says Steve Eichner, a longtime WWD photographer and founder of a photography app, Name Face.

"They'd see each other out at night, and then they'd meet up back at his house," the source says.

This is kind of like the garden from which many flowers bloomed.

But some were successful, and some were not." Mortimer did start to taste a bit of that "gold standard" social success.

She was funny, she was frisky, she was like a little pedigreed filly—and she was a Mortimer."Hay then helped her get onto event committees at the American Museum of Natural History and the Central Park Zoo.

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"I knew that Tinsley had the potential to be an 'it' girl, because she was beautiful, she was perky, she had a great, vibrant personality," Hay says."And I mean, these are girls who went to good colleges.