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24-Feb-2016 00:26

2015-10-09 INFO upgrade Starting the migration from version: 4311 2015-10-09 INFO upgrade Ran upgrade step: Miscellaneous 2015-10-09 INFO Products.Generic Importing profile upgrade.v50:to50alpha3 with dependency strategy upgrade. Generic Applying main profile upgrade.v50:to50alpha3 2015-10-09 INFO Generic Setup.rolemap Role / permission map imported. CMFCore-2.2.10-py2.7.egg/Products/CMFCore/Directory View.py:493: User Warning: Directory View plone_deprecated refers to a non-existing path 'Products.

If Plone is being upgraded at the same time as a Zope version, Plone will usually handle the Zope upgrade with its own migration script.

Plone is not loading images or resized images are not available is usually caused by broken PIL installation: PIL used by the Python version that Plone is using does not have proper native libraries (libjpeg etcetera) available to perform imaging operations.